President:     Jo Griffith, Ontario

Vice-President:     Heidi Gevais, British Columbia

Secretary:     Cathie Leloff, Ontario

Treasurer/Membership:     Brittany Carella, Ontario


Maritimes & Quebec:     Danik Dancause

Central:     Genevieve Munro
Prairies:     Brett Maggs

West Coast:     Heidi Gervais, VP

About the breed..

Club Officers

The Pointer Club of Canada is the National breed club recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club.  Our aim is to promote and develop the Pointer to the highest of Breeds Standards.

The "gun dog par excellence" was named for the work he does - pointing game for the hunter. Britain is the breeds' country of development though the lineage traces back to a number of imported European sporting breeds. Because European dogs were too slow afield for British tastes, various crosses to other breeds were used to improve speed, scenting power, stamina and concentration. The Greyhound, Foxhound and setter may have contributed. By the mid-19th century, the Pointer had arrived and then, as now, it was a hard-driving hunting dog who has always been a top contender in field trials.

The Pointer is treasured for his even temperament and alert good sense. He's dignified but kindly in spirit. Loyalty and devotion are two of his strong points.

Bred primarily for the field, the Pointer gives the immediate impression of compact power and agile grace. He is a wide-awake, hard-driving hunting dog that possesses a desire to be on the move. He makes a fine family companion, best suited to country living or a well-fenced in yard where he can have lots of safe running room!

*Info provided by The Canadian Kennel Club